FIFA 15 Team of the Year is now online,cheap fifa 15 coins are on hot sale

The FIFA Team of the Year (Official name - FIFA World XI) will announced at the FIFA Ballon D'or in Zurich on Monday 12th January 2014 .Yes, it is today! Will Lionel Messi picked up the 'Player of the Year' trophy for the year 2014?

TOTY cards will released by EA in sets of Goalkeeper+Defenders then Midfielders and then finally Forwards. This is a wise move by EA because if they released all these players in one go then the market will crumble, therefore, by releasing these players over a certain duration will still have an effect on the market (which you may have realised) but it won't totally harm it in the long-term.

Players who aren't in the Team of the Year will most likely all decrease in value due to the fact that users are selling these players to either fund themselves in potentially buying one of these Team of the Year cards or to fund a pack opening spree in hope that they can find one of these players in a pack.

However, the Team of the Year cards will have the opposite effect due to EA's promotional deals on player packs to entice users into spending their money.

This causes the supply of these cards to be greater than the demand for the first few weeks because there will be plenty on the market causing their prices to be extremely high for the first few days then rapidly decrease as more surface on the market. Although, after about a month from their release their prices will slowly begin to rise as the demand for these cards settle and less TOTY cards are populated on the market.

So if you are lucky enough to pull one of these players from a pack then sell them instantly because even if you wanted to use them for yourself it will be more cost-effective to sell them now and buy them back later in a weeks time when the market settles and they are much cheaper.Causing you to ultimately gamble your money away on odds stacked against you. FIFA Coins are the much safer way in obtaining these illustrious players.